After years of searching, we have found the finest materials to construct our watches without the
premium cost.

Our watch was meticulously crafted to be worn by anyone at any time of the day.

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At a time where mobile technology surrounds us, and everything is homogenous, we bring the world a watch that goes back to the fundamentals by mastering the primary characteristics. 

Timeless design, reliable movement, and hand-assembled for a nice, finishing touch. 

We have spent years developing the design and worked side-by-side with other watch enthusiasts, upholsterers, and local designers. With their combined expertise, we crafted a watch that captivates the hearts of many.


Our design is simple. Timeless. Based out of Seattle, our local watch designers created this original timepiece. It’s challenging to reach true minimalism. We have expanded our efforts to obtain a timepiece that

Our watches’ purpose is to complement your style and complete your look. Without outshining your wardrobe, Flanko opens up your creative mind to express yourself freely.


Flanko is driven to reach perfection. We bring together the cohesion of the automatic movement with the watch composition.

Over the past year, we worked closely with our world-renowned manufacturer, design team and master watchmakers to meticulously craft two authentic, hand-assembled watches.  

After exploring multiple prototypes, we have finalized our design. Flanko is proud to present the accumulation of hard work and craftsmanship that was put into our time piece.

Our collection

After years of searching, we have found the finest materials to construct our watches without the premium cost.

In Prime Series, Flanko takes pride in using 316L stainless steel for the watch case. The watch glass is made from Sapphire glass, which one of the world’s strongest, most scratch resistant glass used in the industry. The heart of the watch is powered by your movement; no need for battery replacement. Prime Series is held together with a 316L stainless butterfly clasp. It’s genuine leather band leaves you with a smooth, finishing touch.

Our Essential collection is also constructed in the reliable 316L stainless steel. The watch face is protected in a double-dome, crystal glass. Watch 2 uses NH35 automatic movement, to ensure dependability. It comes in an exclusive black color wave, for a more neutral look.


We are driven to reach perfection. Since we are the manufacturer, we are able to refine our craftsmanship to bring you a well-built watch. To ensure stability, our watches are required to be stress tested over 11 times, while exceeding operating parameters under extreme conditions.